From May onwards we offer East Farm cream teas, where you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful English cream tea. Homemade scones are baked daily in the farmhouse, with a dollop of fresh clotted cream it is a definite must for all visiting the area. The menu is varied and extensive guaranteeing something for all that visit.

At east farm we used to milk a herd of 150 Holstein Frisian cows, but now grow wheat barley, oilseed rape, maize, grass, forage turnips.  we decided to open the farmshop in August 2006 along with the Cream Teas.

A new addition in 2014 was the campsite.

In 2014, we installed a 30kw photovoltaic solar panel system, which at its peak can generate 150 – 170 kw/day. that’s enough to boil over 1250 kettles per day. However we use it to supply electric to power our milk plant and infrastructure. Our dairy has a very low carbon footprint, where cows can graze outside during the spring summer and autumn, and then allowed to rest inside in the winter on bedded straw yards. The manure is then recycled back into the farm throughout the year. Unfortunately when its leaves the farm we have little control on its processing and distribution.

In 2014 we sold some of milking cows when our student father suddenly passed away, and relaunched the Sheep flock.

Monica is a very keen rider and gardener and started the Cream Teas in 2005.