Dorset Conquest – Update 9th June

This weekend we have been busy out on the course check out the route, catching up with the local farmers and laying out the Charity Bale Challenge. The scenery looks fantastic with loads of wildlife, plenty of flora and hundreds of free range pigs. The recent rain with make the grass grow quickly and the winter wheat and barley has come quickly into ear which is much different than last year when we had the hottest summer for many a year.

The terrain is undulating with a range of differing surfaces, some quick and other slow. But on the whole runners looking for a variety in running challenges will face a good variation, with the iconic finish through peat hill towards the finishing area. Once runners compete the challenge of the stiff 10km route they can soon unwind to the evening entertainment of the lively music performed by The Rebuked and Silk Bullets accompanied by a glass or two of Local Ale or Cider. Those unwilling to rush home can retire to the campsite for a relaxing and well earned rest. Those not completed spent can rise up early for Dorset Conquest Half Marathon at ten O clock. Oh yeah don’t forget the Charity Bale Challenge – this will certainly get you heart rate going!


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