Dorset Conquest – Update 24th March

Spring has arrived with lots of plants now popping up along the route.

As we travelled through gorcombe the free range pigs in the distance look content – a joy to see. Recently a lot of the spring arable crops have now been sown and the first leaves are now showing through, with the warm weather it wont be long til this greens up.

through the broadleaved woodland areas the bluebells are starting to shoot up, plenty of infestations weeds are showing to.

  1. Coll woods, travelling south down towards to Zelston.
  2. Woodland flowers (might be wild strawberries)
  3. Looking north across to Blandford.
  4. The free Range Pigs up at Rendezvous
  5. Travelling south down towards Winterborne Zelston out of Coll woods.

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