Farmrun – Saturday 17th April 2021 at 4pm

With only a few days¬†till our first Super Spring 5k Farmrun on Saturday 17th April it’s a bit different as you can do 1 to 2 laps.
1. All runners are required to register simply by replying to this Facebook post with all names of runners wishing to take part and the time slots at 4pm then every 10 minutes. Max of 30 per session.
2. All runners will be required to provide face masks at the start and finish area. Not required whilst running.
3. All runners will be required to bring some hand sanitizer for their own protection.
4. Please can you register at least 10 minutes before 4pm
5. Please can you bring your entry fee of £5 per person

don’t forget if you want to camp over or stop for a cream tea then you are very welcome.
As its our super spring run, you can do 2 laps if you wish
Looking forward to seeing you all.

If you wish to take part please message you details to the email below

with your
Name, email address and phone number,

Please select a valid form

DOB, Age, M/F, Club, Any medical conditions, emergency contacts,

Thank you for your support.
Best wishes Farmrun

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